Health Forms

There are three main parts of the process that you should keep in mind for your first visit to our dentist at Midtown Dental Associates in Austin, Texas: before, during and after the visit. This brief summary will tell you what to expect in each one of them.

In the first stage, it is convenient to complete paperwork before your visit, in order to save time. Brushing and flossing before the appointment is advisable so our dentist can do hiw work more efficiently.

Once you see our dentist, please be thorough in giving him/her the most complete information possible regarding your dental history. This way, our dentist will be enable to design the precise procedures or treatments you may need. The more information you give our dentist, the more you enable us to provide you just the right treatment.

Your first consultation with our dentist will also include the use of X rays and a Comprehensive Exam to determine your oral health situation. These are crucial for the design of your particular treatment.

After these are completed, take the opportunity to tell our dentist all your questions and doubts you may have.

Our dentist will be glad to answer all your queries. Once the process is completed and you are back in your home, remember to keep good oral health habits and do not miss your next appointment.